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"Chongqing Little Swan" was founded in 1982 under the leadership of Chairman of the Board Mr. Liao Changguang and Miss He Yongzhi of president. The company always adheres to the spirit of enterprise with the "integrity of management, innovation and development" . Over 33 years of development, the company has become the multinational corporations with a restaurant chain, food production, hotels, travel, real estate development, logistics business, and other cultural and creative industries . Chongqing Cygnet Baifu Foods Co., Ltd, built the full co-funded food enterprises in 1995 which is made up of Chongqing Cygnet Investment (Holdings) Group Limited (registered capital of 11 million yuan)...

Categories and Products

Hot Pot Seasoning

Spicy Hot Pot Seasoning

Hot pot bottom material Chongqing old pot bottom material Secret hot pot bottom material Secret spicy hot pot bottom material Delicious spicy hot pot bottom material Chongqing hot pot bottom material Chongqing hot pot 300g chongqing Clean Oil Hot Pot Chongqing Fine Hotpot Seasoning Chongqing hot pot bottom material 400g Chongqing hot pot bottom material 360g 360g chongqing hot pot bottom material Secret hot pot base material 800g Secret hot pot bottom material 400g Secret refining hot pot bottom material 200g 260g bowl of hot pot bottom material 130g bowl of hot pot bottom material 300g Spicy hot pot bottom material 150 Spicy Hot Pot Base Spicy Hot Pot Base 

Clear Soup Hotpot Seasoning

Tomato hot pot bottom material Clear-oil hotpot backing material Clear Soup Hotpot Seasoning Clear hotpot Base Material Seafood hot pot Base material 150 g pack Delicacies hotpot Base Material Tomato sauce hot pot bottom material 

Fish Seasoning

Authentic Spicy fish sauce Chongqing Spicy fish sauce Chongqing pickled fish sauce Chongqing boiled fish sauce Blue pepper fish sauce Chongqing Boiled Fish Seasoning 180g Spicy Fish Seasoning Pickled fish sauce 280g Green pepper boiled fish sauce Little Swan Spicy Fish Seasoning Little Swan Boiled Fish Seasoning 200g Little Swan Boiled Fish Seasoning Little Swan Pickled Fish Seasoning Boiled Fish Seasoning 200g 180g Chongqing spicy fish sauce Spicy Fish Stew Seasoning Spicy Fish Sauce 200g Pickled Cabbage Fish seasoning Spicy water Boiled fish best blackening seasoning for fish 

Chicken Seasoning

Roasted chicken spicy seasoning Roast chicken spicy seasoning 150g roast chicken and spicy sauce Chongqing Roast Chicken and Spicy Seasoning Roast chicken and spicy sauce best seasoning for chicken 

Chongqing Small Noodles Seasoning

Authentic chongqing small noodles seasoning Chongqing small noodles seasoning Little Swan Faceted Dressing Little Swan Chongqing Noodle Small noodles for soup 

Chongqing Braised Food Seasoning

Chongqing cygnet lo-mei seasoningcygnet Chongqing red bean paste Fresh pepper Shanzhen sauce Chongqing sand tea seasoning 500g tomato hot pot bottom material Shacha sauce hot pot bottom material Little Swan Sichuan flavored pepper seasoning Spicy bolognese seasoning 500g Little swan king seasoning Little Swan XO Seasoning 500g green pepper seasoning Chongqing marinade seasoning 80g Fresh pepper beef sauce Chongqing fresh pepper beef sauce 700g fresh pepper red oil watercress Fresh pepper beef sauce 200g 500g Chongqing green pepper seasoning Little Swan XO Seasoning 500g Little swan king seasoning 500g Chongqing spicy bolognese seasoning 

Spicy Base Material

Chongqing Mala Tang bottom material Little Swan Mala Tang bottom material Spicy base material 300g 300g Mala Tang pot material High quality Hot Pot seasoning 

Laoya Tang Stew

Chongqing Laoya Tang stew 300g Laoya Soup Stew Laoya Soup Stew 300g 

Seafood Pot Bottom Material

Seafood broth hot pot bottom material 150g seafood soup hot pot bottom material Seafood hot pot bottom material Seafood hotpot Base Material 

Three Fresh Pot Bottom Material

Three fresh pot bottom material Three fresh hot pot bottom material 150g three fresh hot pot bottom material Three fresh hot pot bottom material 150g 

Hot Pot Dipping Sauce

Chongqing Little Swan XO Seasoning Chongqing green pepper seasoning King of bacteria seasoning Spicy meat sauce seasoning Little Swan Sichuan pepper seasoning tomato Hot pot sauce 

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